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Julianna Kiesow

It was hard for me to find alot of good practice questions for this certification. Thankfully this software provided what I needed to review best for the exam. The features included are nice to have and saved me alot of time. I passed, thanks.
Viraj Parekh

Alot of good questions included here. The way the questions are in the program I think there
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Galen Fettis

I was able to pass my certification but everyone handles tests differently, so if you get nervous easily then taking the practice exams will help you. It helped put me in the right frame of mind for testing. A useful tool.
Heather Aksaranan

I've used this as a study guide and as an extra source of practice problems for my test. It's
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Conrad Yung

It was a great to be able to take the examsagain and again from the CD. I gained a better understanding of the areas I was weak on. I highly recommend this book for anyone preparing for the exam.
Masrur Edet

I would recommend this program to anyone taking the exam. Helped me get a very good score on my test 2 weeks ago. Very happy with product and service.
Timothy Baetzold

The practice quizzes are short which makes them easy to fit into a busy schedule and the
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Melissa Furst

I find that the questions and reviews are a compliment to the studies you would be doing now and with this very valuable book. I found out that the exams they have in this book is the
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Chad Oleson

It provides lots of practice which is especially good for people who have trouble or a lot of
fear about taking exams. When taken under conditions as close to real testing circumstances
as possible, it provides an extremely useful "dry run" for the real exam. Even a very good
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Rebekah Immel

I found the layout to be very user friendly and the questions felt very relevant. The practice exams and quizzes really made me feel confident when taking the real test. The
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Myong Wu

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Ahmet Badur

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Jeffrey Schied

I would recommend this for people who are studying for the test themselves, without the help of prep courses and would like to get an idea of how they might score. Having some idea of how I might do made me less nervous about taking the real test.
Murali Japutri

This program is excellent for becoming familiar with the test format and being timed. It also
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Francis Dalsin

Practice is the key. This software is the only way I felt 100% confident and ready for the
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Excellent resource for example certification exam questions. I worked my way through this book my scores on other practice tests came up significantly, and I passed the exam the first time.
Angela Lindem